Meet Kaspar

The AI-powered video editing assistant.

Save time, get creative.

 Helping filmmakers find their stories.

Spend less time on tedious editing tasks

 and more time being creative.

What is Kaspar?

Kaspar is a video editing tool and personal assistant

that can be customized to help film and TV makers and producers work with vast amounts of media.

Video credit: James Longley; Visualisation and interface credit: RNDR studio
Video credit: James Longley

Specialised AI and Machine Learning models watch, analyse and tag footage,

 automating tedious tasks to help find meaningful edits.

Get an overview
Custom tag content
Intuitively search content
Identify usable footage
Highlight valuable content
Log content

Kaspar will learn what's important from your specific footage,

 giving it the power to become a smart and content sensitive assistant.

Workflow Integration

Integrate the power of AI and Machine Learning into your workflow.

 Kaspar works with your existing tools. Export clips, scenes and sequences directly to your editing tool of choice.

Final Cut Pro X
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro

Made by filmmakers for filmmakers

Jakob Høgel

Co-Founder, Business Partner

Mads Damsbo

Founder, CEO

Piotr Wieniwicz


Esbern Torgard Kaspersen

Founder, CTO

Want to join our team?

We’re always looking for passionate filmmakers, developers and collaborators, that challenge status quo.


Danish Film Institute
Norwegian Film School
Innovation Fund Denmark
Product & Industry


Launching 2023

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